Plot R5, Sugar House Island

Newham, London, UK
2013 – ongoing
Vastint UK Ltd
86 Homes
Active Area
Feasibility / Masterplanning / Design Guardian / Conceptual Design / Developed Design / Planning / Conservation / Strategy

Plot R5 is one of the perimeter blocks in the Sugar House Island Masterplan. A land locked plot between Hunt’s Lane and Sugar House Lane. The main intention for these blocks were a perimeter residential development with a mews lane running north-south bisecting it. The design required development in accordance with the parameter plans and design code for the site. The Reserved Matters application had to go through the rigerous QRP (Quality Review Panel) process with the London Legacy Development Corporation. The brief was for 86 units of a mix of tenure with a traditional corner commercial unit.


The design developed from an inside-out approach. The functionality and layout of the units was the primary driver. With multiple cores and very little common circulation space the feeling of ownership of address and having a front door became an important driver in the articulation of the pre-cast facade system. Subtle interplay between the ground level ensured an appropriate level of privacy from the street. The mews themselves are intended to be inhabited by the residents, where they can fill with their own plants and furniture. Rooftop and communal gardens provided similar spaces for the flat residents.


The project was warmly welcomed by the QRP panel and LLDC. R5 is expected to move into construction in the next few years as Sugar House Island is constructed in phases. Coordinated with a sitewide model and built in BIM, the model could automatically populated the developer accommodation schedule in excel.